Solutions in Energy. Smart and Effective.

The world's tendency of more effective energy usage means increased dependence on IT technology with the aim to find innovative, smart solutions. The major mission of the company Solien is to offer supplementary services in the energy field.

Creation of innovative and smart solutions

The company focuses on investigation and creation of the innovative solutions in the energy field with an effort to enhance company operation effectiveness of entities doing business within the energy market, etc.

Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements

The energy field has never been more influenced by legal and regulatory requirements (e.g. EMIR, REMIT, etc.) and in this area we endeavour to implement effective but secure regulation fulfilment on behalf of our clients.

IT products for gas and electricity industry

On the basis of the experience in energy sector we realise the IT solutions with added value customising for individual clients running a business in gas and power industry.


Last but not least, the component part of the portfolio of offered services is the counselling field focused on gas and power markets in particular European countries, specifically for the region of the Central and Eastern Europe.